We’ve Got the Probiotic for You

We’ve Got the Probiotic for You

  • Probiotics 101

  • By Jef L’Ecuyer, Registered Dietitian

    Probiotics need to be cultivated. Of course, we’re not talking about agriculture, but rather about growing bacterial cultures. They’re the product of our tireless work. They’re our creations. And we emphasize “creation,” as there’s much more to what we do than simply producing them. Making probiotics is our calling. Some might even say it’s our obsession! And it’s thanks to our exacting approach that the quality of our products is unrivaled.

    This passion is no brand-new fad. For more than 20 years, we’ve been consistently proactive, intuiting your needs and creating probiotics that fit your lifestyle. Our range of products is now more complete than ever. In addition to our flagship product, the Original probiotic drink, we offer vegan options - vegan probiotic drinks and probiotic capsules - for those whose diets exclude lactose or animal proteins. We also offer probiotics that promote children’s intestinal health and an option for travelers who want to protect their digestive tracts. Whatever your needs may be, our committed scientists have designed a probiotic just for you, in drinkable or capsule format.


    A healthy second brain

    Obviously, the reason for all this hard work is to help everyone lead a healthy life. Overall health is highly dependent on the health of gut flora, also known as the “second brain,” due to its many complex functions. Given the importance of gut flora, you have to take good care of it, making sure it’s packed with good bacteria. The richer the flora, the more alert and active your immune system will be. And this is just what Bio-K+ probiotics carry: billions of good bacteria just waiting to get working for you.


    Science as the starting point

    The Bio-K+ story began with a scientific discovery: the therapeutic potential of certain human bacterial strains. In the wake of this breakthrough, we realized we could use these good bacteria in products available to everyone. We sprang into action, and our hard work ultimately got results. A complex, groundbreaking formula was developed and patented. The outcome: we’re now the proud creators of the probiotic most widely recommended by Canadian pharmacists.


    It’s all in the process

    It’s our rigorous process that makes this possible. Our approach is far from ordinary. In fact, it’s decidedly unique! When it comes to drinkable products (such as Bio-K+ Original, Bio-K+ Vanilla, Bio-K+ Vegan Blueberry or Bio-Kidz Strawberry), we use the following process:

    1. We introduce our three unique bacterial strains to one another, giving them the opportunity to learn to grow together instead of fighting amongst themselves.
    2. Once the strains are ready, we add the live, active bacteria to our liquid substrate.
    3. We allow our live, active bacteria to multiply, with fermentation taking place directly in the bottle.
    4. We stop the fermentation process at just the right moment when the bacterial count reaches our high-quality standards. This is the point when the bacteria are strongest, healthiest and ready to get working for you.

    When it comes to our capsules (including Bio-K+ 25 billion, Bio-K+ 50 billion and Bio-K+ Travel protection), we do things a little differently. The bacteria first ferment together to multiply optimally and are then freeze-dried so they become dormant. It’s then time to encapsulate them so they survive the trip down the digestive tract. At long last, the bacteria are released into the intestines, where they start working their magic.

    There’s more to it than just having the largest number of strains possible. Instead, it comes down to having strains that are actually strong, healthy and, above all, able to work well together. Since bacteria compete for food and space in the gut, it’s essential that our probiotic cultures be able to coexist peacefully. That’s why we “train” our bacteria together. Our goal is for them to be active, healthy and strong. That’s why, in each Bio-K+ bottle or capsule, you’ll find:


    Our raison d’être

    We create probiotics to satisfy every need because each person is as unique as their gut microbiome and we’re genuinely committed to the welfare of all. We want to help you learn more and make the right choices. If you have any questions about Bio-K+, digestive health or gut microbiome, leave a comment below, contact us or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. If you’d like to stock up on Bio-K+ (or try it for the first time), head to a store and ask for the “little white bottle.”



    Best Sellers


    Drinkable Vegan Probiotic

    Certified gluten-free, organic and non-GMO probiotics with a minimum of 50 billion live & active beneficial bacteria per bottle.

    Peach & Turmeric

    Extra Drinkable Probiotic

    Exclusive probiotic strains with a minimum of 80 billion live & active beneficial bacteria per bottle.

    Daily Care 25 Billion

    Vegan Probiotic Capsules

    Certified gluten-free and vegan probiotics. A great option for those who need daily support or a need a stronger alternative for better benefits.

    Jef L’Ecuyer Registered Dietitian
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    After her nutrition training at McGill University, Jef specialized in gastrointestinal health with a special interest in the microbiota and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. With Bio-K+, she continues on this path by making the world of probiotics more accessible to all.
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