Probiotiques Bio-K+

Bio-K+ propose des produits probiotiques de haute qualité. Que vous ayez besoin d'un support quotidien ou si vous cherchez simplement une option rafraîchissante et saine, Bio-K+ vous propose une large gamme de solutions probiotiques.

En savoir plus sur nos produits

At Bio-K+, you'll find probiotic products made up of 3 unique, proprietary probiotic strains: Lactobacillus acidophilus CL1285®, Lacticaseibacillus casei LBC80R® and Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus CLR2®. Each probiotic strain works synergistically to deliver results. Our probiotic formulations are backed by 20+ years of research to help optimize your health and promote digestive balance.

The Bio-K+ Pro Line features a science-backed formula trusted by hospitals. These probiotic capsules support the beneficial bacteria found in the gut, further promoting digestive health, while treating specific health conditions. Bio-K+ helps support health professionals and their patients with clinically-proven healthy bacteria formulations.

The Bio-K+ Original Line is equipped with healthy bacteria that contribute to digestive health, gut microbiota balance, and overall well-being. Containing live microorganisms and good bacteria, our probiotic drinks feature a variety of taste profiles including milk-based, soy-based, and more. All flavours gluten-free, contribute to gut health, and promote a healthy diet. Our probiotics pills and vegan capsules flood the body with beneficial bacteria that can help support the digestive tract and gut health.