Our Story

The Unique Story of Bio-K+

Over its 20+ year history, Bio-K+ grew from 10 employees to over a hundred. The business expanded from a Québec-based natural health food outlets to an international network of pharmacies, health food and grocery stores and hospitals in Canada and the United States.

We owe our success to our 3 unique proprietary strains, CL1285®, LBC80R® and CLR2®, with amazing results in the fight against intestinal and infectious diseases but, more importantly, to the dedicated researchers and scientists who work tirelessly to improve the health of your microbiome on a daily basis.

The Milestones That Made Us Who We Are

  • 1960-1983

    In 1960, Microbiologist Dr. Luquet, isolates human bacteria with amazing properties. In 1983, young entrepreneur Claude Chevalier meets Luquet and discuss his findings - They envision the combination of science and food.

  • 1993-1996

    Bio-K+ is founded and the proprietary formula is patented. The Original product is launched in '96: A fermented milk product with 50 billion live and active probiotic bacteria.

  • 2003

    Québec hospitals face a health crisis: life-threatening C. difficile infections. Confident that the formula has unique properties, Bio-K+ takes part in a clinical trial to assess its effectiveness in preventing C. difficile.

  • 2007

    The study demonstrates the formula's effectiveness in reducing both antibiotic and C. difficile associated diarrhea. Bio-K+’s reputation grows and the product is introduced in pharmacy chains and grocery stores nationwide.

  • 2013

    Health Canada approves the formula to help prevent C. difficile infections - a world first. This confirms that Bio-K+ is a safe and proven solution. Meanwhile, Bio-K+ expands its distribution in California health food stores.

  • 2020

    In late 2020, Bio-K+ is acquired by Kerry Group, a world leader in proactive health and nutrition.

    Bio-K+ launches IBS Pro in 2020, a clinically proven solution to help people with diarrhea-predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  • 2021

    Bio-K+ launches the Extra line in 2021 which fits perfectly into the active, modern and post-pandemic lifestyle of today’s consumer, always looking for innovative and natural ways to stay healthy.

Our Values, Our DNA

Autonomy, Responsibility, Trust

Here, independence means the freedom to make decisions, while being accountable for the results.


We’re committed to collaborating, we question, listen, share and grow towards a common goal.

Creation & Innovation

Entrepreneurs at heart, we're curious, interested and unafraid to thinking differently.

Health & Customer Service

These values ​​are of great importance to both our employees and our customers.

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