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Bio-K+ is available in capsules and drinkable formats in several flavors, including dairy, vegan, and gluten-free options. Find the Bio-K+ that will help you achieve inner balance and outer harmony every day.

Where science meets wellness

Bio-K+ is:

Over 20 years of research

An exclusive formula made from premium probiotics

#1 most pharmacist-recommended

3 unique strains

Up to 50 billion live probiotics

Unique formula


You're product saved my stomach after the third course of antibiotics! Fantastic!



I just love the vanilla flavour. I eat it with a spoon with some big plump blueberries. What a nice after work treat! More than I expected - well done!



These products are excellent, my life has changed for good since I started to take them. No more IBS syndrome within two weeks, it has contributed to my weight loss, and increased energy level. So much improvement in my health. Big thanks Bio-K+



I have been taking Bio-K+ milk-based for a few months now. I saw a significant improvement in my digestive health. I think it is a good probiotic and I'm so happy I found it!


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