Andréanne Martin

Andréanne Martin

Bachelor's degree in nutrition

Quebec, CAN


Laval University


Nutritional Science

Gut Microbiome


About the author

Andréanne Martin has a bachelor's degree in nutrition and she drives projects that enable her to promote healthy lifestyles in order to help as many people as possible to feel better. Entrepreneur and mother, she puts her expertise in preventive health at the service of doctors, health care professionals and entrepreneurs through training courses and conferences on the science of nutrition and the microbiota. It is based on these scientific principles that she founded the “Leader en santé” program in 2018 with her team.

Andréanne wasis the recipient of the 2017 Innovative Personality Award, presented by the “Association des cliniques médicales du Québec” and “Telus Santé”. Named for the 2020 Young Business Personality in the Sport, Health and Nutrition category, she is recognized for her committed personality, her leadership, as well as her contribution to improving the access and quality of healthcare services.

Passionate in her field, she shares her knowledge for healthy eating through web, TV, radio and for Daniè She is the co-author of three cookbooks rated "Best-Sellers" and author of a fourth book “Pandémie et autres maladies: se défendre en nourrissant notre microbiote”.

Her leadership, dynamism and experiences have enabled her to develop a strategic and interdisciplinary vision to create many projects.


Photo credit: Jean-Christophe Blanchet

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